5 Biggest Mistakes When Buying Second-hand Furniture

by Khent Gerald Barangas on Apr 17, 2023

Second-hand Furniture for Sale

Buying secondhand furniture can indeed be an exciting experience. Imagine finding unique vintage items that can elevate the look of your space to the next level. Since it's used furniture, you can expect a much lower price. It’s definitely a perfect score.

While buying pre-owned furniture has its advantages, there are also risks you need  to be aware of. You need to be careful when buying furniture pieces, as even the smallest oversight can lead to a nightmare scenario.

One of the main concerns about buying second-hand furniture is the lack of guarantees or return policies. This means that once you paid for the furniture, it’s yours to keep despite any flaws you may find later on. So, it’s important to carefully examine the furniture before making your buying decision.

To help you have a more enjoyable experience when purchasing used furniture, we’ll reveal some of the biggest mistakes that many people make. By avoiding these pitfalls, you'll have a better chance of finding the perfect pieces for your home.

1. Not Buying for Long-term Use

Fixing a Furniture

If your goal in buying second-hand furniture is to find vintage pieces, it is important to know if it can be a long-term investment. Skipping this step can be an expensive mistake.

While the allure of a beautifully aged piece can be tempting, it's important to consider whether the item is worth your investment in the long run. Before making a decision, ask yourself: will I cherish this piece for years to come? Have I done enough research on its origin and condition? If no is your answer, then just step away or delay your buying decision. 

Before you make your purchase, take the time to consider the item's value as a long-term investment. You should know if the furniture piece can continue to hold its worth and appeal over time.

2. Not Testing the Piece Before Buying

Testing a second-hand furniture before buying

 It’s the rule of thumb when buying used furniture: Test before making a purchase. It’s a simple rule, but there are a lot of people who still make this mistake.

It might be impossible for you to do in-depth testing; however, you can always check its capability. Testing the furniture capabilities is a crucial step to avoid any potential disappointments. For instance, performing simple tests such as sitting on a chair, and opening and closing drawers can already help you avoid certain issues.

Measuring an item if it fits your space can go a long way in ensuring that you make the right purchase. By taking these simple tests, you can have a little confidence in your investment.

3. Buying Heavily Used Upholstered Pieces

upholstered sofa

It's generally wise to walk away from heavily used upholstered furniture. Avoid pieces that show lumps on the seat or back, as these can indicate discomfort. Similarly, saggy pillows may indicate that the furniture has been heavily worn.

It's crucial to check the sofa frame as well. Avoid sofas that show poor structural integrity, unless you’re dealing with antiques. While you can spend time replacing these parts, this can cost you a lot of money.

4. Buying a second-hand mattress

Dirty Mattress

Don’t buy a pre-owned mattress. If they are lumpy and smelly, then that’s a clear sign to avoid it no matter how affordable the price is. It’s not worth the risk. It can be bad for your health, especially for children and babies. They may carry germs and bacteria. Also, secondhand mattresses can easily get infested by bed bugs, dust mites, and molds.  So, it’s best to stay away from it.

5. Not Buying Vintage Pieces Because of Imperfections

Vintage Furniture

While it’s true that imperfections and damages are red flags when buying used furniture, vintage is an exception. A small tear or two shouldn't stop you from bringing home that perfect piece. In fact, those minor imperfections can give vintage pieces more personality.

You can easily give your vintage finds new life with a little bit of love and creativity. Add a fresh coat of paint, reupholster the cushions, or replace the lampshade to create a beautiful and unique piece that blends old and new styles.

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