Ergonomic Furniture Design: Understanding Its Definition, Pros, and Cons

by Khent Barangas on Oct 16, 2023

Ergonomic workspace

If you want to improve your workday, you have probably already heard about ergonomic home office furniture. These furniture pieces are designed to support your body in its natural position. But how exactly does ergonomic furniture design do this? 

Ergonomic design in furniture has become increasingly popular these days as more and more people are working from home. In this guide, we will define what makes furniture ergonomic and what advantages you can get from these furniture pieces.

What Does Ergonomic Design Mean in Furniture?

sitting on ergonomic office chair

The concept of ergonomic design can be applied to all products and equipment to make it more safe and easier to use. In workspaces, the goal of ergonomic design is to improve people's performance and well-being at work, while reducing the chances of injury.

According to the BBC website, designing ergonomic furniture should be based on anthropometry in able to truly succeed. Anthropometry is the practice of taking measurements of the human body’s dimensions and proportions. Designers use these anthropometric data to improve user experience — improve posture, increase comfort, and remove pain and potential injury.

There are several principles of ergonomic design in furniture, but one of the most essential is to support the natural curves of the spine. 

The spine has three natural curves: the cervical curve at the neck, the thoracic curve at the mid-back, and the lumbar curve at the lower back. Ergonomic office furniture effectively provides support to these curves to maintain good posture. 

Ergonomic furniture designs are also usually adjustable. These furniture pieces allow the users to customize the position and height depending on their needs and comfort. For example, an ergonomic office chair has an adjustable height, lumbar support, and armrests.

4 Key Benefits of Ergonomic Office Furniture

ergonomic setup for home office

Ergonomic furniture is crucial for employees and students who spend long hours on the computer. Here are the top benefits of using ergonomic furniture: 

1. Improve Comfort

As ergonomic furniture is designed to fit the human body, it’s comfortable to use even when used for long periods of time. It can help reduce fatigue allowing the user to work more effectively for longer hours. For instance, an ergonomic chair and desk give you a comfortable seat, without straining yourself.

2. Reduce the Risk of Injury and Musculoskeletal Disorder

An international labor force survey found that musculoskeletal disorder is one of the most common work-related illnesses, affecting 27% of employees in 2022. Meanwhile, according Centers for Disease Control or CDC, employees who spend many hours at workstations may develop some sort of musculoskeletal disorder.

Ergonomic furniture can minimize this risk as it is designed to fit the human body. It promotes a good posture, reducing work-related injuries overall.

3. Increase Productivity

Ergonomic furniture can improve one’s performance. How? When you are comfortable, you can improve your focus and productivity. People who are in good health will have fewer distractions. This way they can perform at their best and create high-quality work. 

4. Improve Overall Well-being 

Ergonomic furniture is designed to provide safe and comfortable support to the user's body. Longer use of this equipment promotes a healthier and safer workplace. Furthermore, nurturing physical health can also improve mental well-being in the long run.

The Disadvantage of Ergonomic Furniture

high price of ergonomic furniture

We personally recommend investing in ergonomic furniture if you are working from home however, it also comes with a disadvantage. 

The most obvious drawback of ergonomic office furniture is the price. Ergonomic furniture pieces tend to be more costly than conventional furniture. This is because of the additional features that not all furniture has. For instance, ergonomic desks are usually height-adjustable to match the user’s preferences.  

Another drawback is that it may not suit all users. Since everyone may have different sizes and requirements, the furniture that is ergonomic for one user may not suit the other. We recommend having proper planning, measuring, and testing before actually buying the item. 

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