Focus Zone: How to set up a home office that inspires productivity?

by Khent Barangas on Sep 14, 2023

Qoncept focus zone
Working from home is great. You don’t need to speed up your morning routine, sit in the traffic, and spend money outside. However, there are some who still prefer the social and professional aspects of the company office. Why? Because they struggle to stay focused working from home with all the distractions around.

But what if we tell you that there are simple ways that can help you be productive while working from home? Believe it or not, it’s not hard to achieve. The first step is to set up a focus zone at home.

A focus zone is a dedicated space in your home where you can work without distractions. It’s a home office setup where you feel comfortable and productive. Here are some tips for creating a focus-friendly home office setup.

Find a Separate Space at Home

The best way to boost your productivity and focus is to create a dedicated workstation that is separate from your home space. This allows you to switch from “home” mode to “work” mode when you start doing your task. In the long run, it will help you create a work-life balance. 

You can create any spot in your home that works for you. Just make sure that it’s clutter-free and peaceful. Another important rule in building a focus-friendly home office is to use that specified space every time you work. You need need to do this consistently so your brain associates that space with work. 

Build a Workstation by the Window

home office near window

We know we told you can freely select a space for your focus zone. However, if you have available space near the window, then we suggest taking advantage of it. It’s the perfect place for work, as natural light can reach it.

Natural light offers several benefits not only for our productivity but also for our overall wellness. When you get enough sunlight, you feel more alert and focused. Sunlight also helps your body produce vitamin D, which is essential for your immune system and bones.

Invest in the Right Desk

Qoncept Ascend Self-leveling table

Your desk is the cornerstone of your distraction-free workstation. It’s okay to take your time finding the right office desk. It’s a long-term investment that helps you stay focused and productive when working from home.

When choosing a desk for your home workstation, consider your space and your body size. Prioritize ergonomic desks, as they can support you for long hours of work. Also, find a desk that can accommodate all your equipment.

Our recommendation is the Qoncept Ascend. It’s height adjustable desk that provides a superior ergonomic sit-stand office experience. You can adjust the height of this work table with just the top of a button.

Choose a Comfortable Chair

You can’t create a focus-friendly home office without the right office chair. Finding the right chair can make a big difference in your focus, efficiency, and comfort. Like choosing your office desk, it will be based on your preference.

However, if you want an office chair that can improve your productivity, then look for chair features such as adjustable lumbar support, armrests, and a comfortable seat and backrest. These features support your body for hours of work.

Add Plants to Your Workspace

Home office with plants

Did you know that a little green in your work area can provide so many benefits, including improving your productivity? That's right, studies found that indoor plants can improve concentration and productivity by up to 15%. It also helps us cope with our stress levels and boost our mood.

Another research from NASA found that houseplants can remove up to 87% of toxins in the air for 24 hours. It’s a huge number to be ignored.

Good Lighting

Good lighting in office

If you’re serious about staying focused while working from home, then you should not ignore your lights. Pay attention to the areas where you need more visibility and brightness.

If you don't have ceiling lights, use floor lamps to fill the room. And put a desk lamp on your table to really make your main area shine.

Our recommendation is Qoncept Eugene Lamp. It's a stylish and versatile lamp that can be used in various spaces in your home. You can use this lamp as your task lamp to improve your concentration.

A Good Storage System

Home Office Storage System

Imagine working in a workspace with a pile of papers everywhere. Do you think you can be productive? Maybe yes, Now imagine finding important documents in these piles of papers that need to be sent urgently. Hassle, right? This is why a storage system is a requirement for a productive home office setup.

To keep your documents in order, use organizing tools such as file folders, storage boxes, desk trays, and more. A drawer can also be a great addition to your workspace if you have enough space. For a large storage solution, check our Qoncept’s Harper. It’s a 5-layer unit that will keep your workspace clutter-free and organized.

Your To-do List on the Front

to-do list in home office

A to-do list is an essential tool for staying productive at work. You can use a wall planner to write down your tasks for the day and place it on your table. Even if you have an app for your to-do list, it's better to have your tasks in front of you. This is a visual reminder of what you need to accomplish and how your day is going. 

Let’s Create a Focus Zone 

Staying focused while working from home can be such a challenge for many. After all, distractions lurk in every corner of our homes. Despite this, we can still create a productive setup with the right equipment and furniture. 

Qoncept offers a wide range of office furniture to help you improve your concentration. From office desks to chairs, all Qoncept Living products are ergonomically designed to provide comfort and support for your long working hours.

Browse our product catalog to find the right office furniture and accessories. Check out also our official store at Lazada and Shopee, so you won’t miss the best deals.

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