5 Clear Signs That You Need to Redecorate Your Living Room 

5 Clear Signs That You Need to Redecorate Your Living Room 

After a long day, you lounged on your sofa, hoping to chill out a bit in your living room. Since you’re alone, you had nothing to distract you from your surroundings. You look around and observe in silence. Everything seems normal and clean, but for you, it feels different. You keep staring at your living room furniture. Then a question popped into your head: Do I need to redecorate my living room? 

You don’t know the answer and you’re not the only one. 

According to Ideal Home, it’s ideal to redecorate your living room once every two years. But, there are several other factors you need to consider. At the end, there is no one size fits all answer. But don’t be sad yet. There are ways to know if it’s time for some change in your living room. The simplest way is to check on yourself and look for the following signs.

1. Your living room feels outdated already

Outdated living room

Every year new style trends and decoration ideas are introduced. It doesn't mean that you need to follow this trend and redecorate your living room every time. One way to asses yourself is to try to remember the last change something in your arrangement. 

Do you remember the time you moved your living room furniture?  If your shaking your head right now, then it might be a sign to change something in your living room. 

Another way is to assess how happy you are with your living room décor. Because according to a study, your living space contributes to your happiness

2. Your living room is filled with clutter

living room filled with clutter

You always clean your living room, however, you can’t seem to get rid of the clutter. This is probably a clear signal that you need some change. If regular cleaning doesn’t work, re-organizing your furniture might do the trick. 

You can also invest in a chic storage solution and shelves. Our favorite is the Logan metal shelf. It can serve as a storage solution where you can keep your books, toys, and plants. Just make sure to not go overboard as it may look cluttered again.  

3. Your Living Furniture Starts to Wear Out

Worn Out Living Room

So, your furniture losses its shine? You probably hear a squeak every time you sit on your sofa. Or maybe your center table looks dirty no matter how you clean it. You should take it as a sign that it’s in dire need of some redecoration. 

If you decided to replace your something in your living, we recommend choosing minimalist furniture. Its clean design can transform your living room space into a complete oasis. 

Take the Qoncept Vanya table for instance. It’s a simple yet elegant-looking coffee table that elevates any space.  

But don’t over-buy things for your living room. After all, minimalism is all about having quality over quantity. If you don’t know where to stop, your space will most likely end up cluttered again. 

4. Your lifestyle is changing

Family bonding in living room

Once in a while, some changes happen in our life. For instance, you are living with your loved one now. Or maybe a new baby joins the family. Or perhaps you adopted a new pet. Big life changes might mean you need to update the furniture in your room.  

You shouldn’t be the one who should adjust your space. Your room should be able to relish your new lifestyle and not the other way around. 

5. It Doesn't Feel Like Home

Boring living room

This sound like a superficial reason. But do know that your feeling matters all the time, especially in your living space. You should be happy and feel truly at home.

If your living room doesn't spark joy, consider redecoration. As mentioned, earlier your living space affects your happiness.

Level up your Living space at Qoncept

Your living room is more than just a space – it's a reflection of your personality, your style, and your life. Feel free to change things up if you're not happy anymore. However, you need to commit yourself to living room redecoration as it takes a lot of work. 

If you're looking to level up your living space with quality furniture, look no further than Qoncept. We offer quality furniture and accessories that are designed to bring comfort and style to any room. Check out our furniture catalog to find the perfect pieces that can turn your living room into a space you'll love. 

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