6 Best Eco-friendly Gift-wrapping Ideas for Zero-waste Holiday

by Khent Barangas on Dec 22, 2023

eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas

The holiday season is a time of giving. However, a past study suggests that it is also a time for wasting. Yikes! Stanford University research found that there is 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve in the United States. A huge portion of this waste comes from paper, ribbons, and other wrapping materials that are used once and then discarded. That’s why this year, we need to think of sustainable and eco-friendly ways to wrap our gifts.

There are better ways to wrap your holiday gifts without harming our planet. In this article, we’ll share unique gift-wrapping alternatives that are not only sustainable but also more fun and beautiful. Here are six eco-friendly gift-wrapping ideas you can try this year.

Upcycle Your Newspaper

Using old newspaper as gift wrapper

Looking for the best eco-friendly wrapping paper for your holiday gift? It's something you probably have lying around in your room, collecting dust and taking up space. Yes, it's your old newspaper!

That’s right, a used newspaper is an eco-friendly wrapping paper that is perfect for rectangular gifts such as books, wallets, and more. You can use them as they are. Choose the section that matches the interests of your recipient to make it more personalized. For example, you can use pages like comics, horoscopes, or sports. You can also make it more fun by weaving the newspaper into a basket-like pattern.

Apart from old newspapers, you can also repurpose other papers such as maps, calendars, posters, or magazines.

Choose Natural Elements

Abaca fiber as gift  wrapper

Another eco-friendly gift-wrapping idea is to use natural components. These materials are eco-friendly options as they biodegradable items. Moreover, some natural materials, such as leaves, pinecones, flowers, and twigs, can add a rustic touch to your gift.

There are different ways to incorporate natural elements in your gift wrap. For example, you can use pinecones as the bow of your gift. You can also use a twig as your gift tag. You can also consider abaca fiber packaging, but it may come at a price. This is woven from the banana tree. Its strength and versatility make it a perfect container for holiday gifts.

Furoshiki Wrapping Technique

Furoshiki Wrapping Technique

Furoshiki Wrapping is a traditional Japanese gift-wrapping technique that you can incorporate for the holidays as an eco-friendly option. Here, you will be using a fabric as an alternative for wrapping paper. You can use any cloth as long as it's big enough to cover your gift.

Furoshiki Wrapping is also a practical gift-wrapping technique. While it’s true that the fabric is more expensive than wrapping paper, the cloth can be used over and over again. Moreover, it adds value to your gift, as the fabric itself can be a useful present as well. So, it’s like you’re giving two gifts in one - a zero-waste gift-wrapping idea indeed.

Reuse Other Gift Wraps

recycling old gift wrapper

So you have received some gifts wrapped in paper, bags, and boxes? Don't toss them out. You can still reuse them to wrap your own gift. This is a great way to help save the environment and your pocket money.

You can either use the gift wrap as it is, or you can make it more creative and personal. For example, you can draw some patterns, use stencils, or stamp some shapes on the paper. As mentioned in our previous tip, you can also enhance the look by adding natural elements like leaves or flowers.

Skip the Plastic Tape

Using String to Wrap Gifts

If you want to help the environment, don’t use plastic tape in wrapping your gift. It is not recyclable and takes several years to decompose. It can also ruin the wrapping paper, preventing you from reusing it.

You have plenty of alternatives. Washi tape is an ideal option as it is made from plant fiber. You can also use glue dots as they can stick to the paper without leaving any stain. You can also skip the tape entirely. Instead, use string and yarn to secure your gift wrap.

Use Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper as Gift Wrapper

Kraft paper is one of the best eco-friendly wrapping paper. It is also widely accessible in the market. This paper is made from recycled materials and is also biodegradable.

Opt for Kraft paper in your gift wrapping for an elegant and rustic touch. Moreover, this paper boasts a natural brown color that complements any occasion perfectly.

Put Your Gift Inside a Jar

Using Jar for gift wrapping

Glass jars are a perfect alternative to wrapping paper. This is an excellent choice for small gifts and holiday sweets. A clean glass jar can easily give an elegant look to any gift. This container is perfect for small gifts and holiday sweets. Adorn your jar by adding ribbons and or other natural elements.

The Best Gift for Your Home

The tips above are some of the best eco-friendly gift-wrapping ideas you can try this holiday season. We hope you found some inspiration for your gift-wrapping. Of course, you can be more creative and try to make your gift-wrapping more personalized.

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