How to Maximize a Small Kitchen: 5 Organization Ideas

by Khent Barangas on Aug 21, 2023

Maximize small kitchen space

Your small kitchen shouldn’t limit how you want to use and enjoy your space. We understand that organizing it can be a challenge. The way you design and organize your kitchen greatly affects the space's functionality and feel. But you're in luck, saving space is among our fields of expertise.

From clever design tricks to using smart storage solutions, there are several ways to organize a small kitchen. On this page, we’ll be sharing some of the best small kitchen organization tips to help you make the most of every inch of your space.

7 Best Kitchen Organization Ideas to Save Space

When it comes to designing a kitchen space, we believe that size doesn’t matter. With clever thinking and organization tricks, even the smallest kitchen can become the most functional and inviting room in your home. The following are the kitchen organization ideas for small kitchens that will inspire you to maximize your space.

1. Cut the Clutter

Cluttered kitchen

Do you want to transform your small kitchen into a productive and cozy space? Then follow this golden rule: don’t waste any storage space on items you don’t need and use!

Get rid of all those items that only eat spaces in your kitchen. This is the first and most important step in organizing a small space. You’ll be amazed at how much space you can free. Once you clear out the clutter, you’ll also be able to follow the succeeding small organization ideas in this list more effectively.

2. Divide the Cabinet and Shelve Space

dividing cabinet space

Double up your cabinet storage space by dividing it vertically and horizontally. You can use a shelf riser or divider, depending on the size and use of your cabinet and shelf. These are versatile and handy solutions to maximize kitchen space.

Using a divider, you can create partitions in your drawer, which opens up more spaces for your kitchen essentials. This can also help you sort and group things together by size and function. So, the next time you need a tool, you'll know which cabinet to look in.

3. Consider Movable Storage

Qoncept adjustable kitchen trolley

At this point, you should be done decluttering your kitchen. So, don’t cram all your things inside a cabinet. You’ll end up making your storage more crowded than it should be. Consider using movable storage instead.

Movable storage is a very handy solution in a small kitchen. You can put all your cooking tools here so that whenever you need them, you can wheel them out. After using them, you can tuck them away to create more space in your kitchen.

If you value efficiency and design, our recommendation is the Qoncept Luna. This three-layered trolley offers enough space and flexibility. The trolley itself is adjustable up to 180 degrees, while its platform is removable. This help you keep your items within reach during crunch time.


4. Install Wall Shelf

Open Shelves for kitchen

So, you have a wide, free wall in your kitchen. You can use that unused space to maximize your small kitchen. How? By installing a shelf.

A wall shelf provides extra storage space in your kitchen. Since it has no doors and walls, it’s a more stylish and sleek storage option than a cabinet. You can store your beautiful pieces or favorite mugs here that you want to showcase. You can mix and match colors and styles to create your own unique look. But don’t go overboard, as it can create visual clutter.

5. Make the Most of Your Above Cabinet

Kitchen with above cabinets
One of the biggest mistakes when you organize a small kitchen is not using your upper cabinet just because it’s hard to reach. Remember the golden rule in our number one tip? You need to make the most of your space. Use your upper cabinet as storage for items that you don’t use daily, such as seasonal dishes, pots, and pans that you rarely use.

6. Place Hooks Everywhere

Qoncept Omega

This kitchen space-saving tip seems straightforward, but it's a very effective way to maximize your small space. Add hooks all over the kitchen: on the side of the cabinet, at the bottom of your shelves, and even inside your cabinet door. 

Install hooks for small tools, pans, and mugs. On the other hand, you can also go for a wall rack with multiple hooks, such as Qoncept Omega. It’s a sturdy and reliable rack that can hold up to 30kg of kitchen products.

7. Add Fold-down Table

You think you don’t have enough room for a table in your small kitchen. It may be true for a standard table. However, things may be different for a fold-down table.

A fold-down table is a flexible and space-saving piece of furniture that can be positioned in almost every corner of your kitchen. You can attach it to your wall, window, or shelves. It provides a convenient surface when preparing dishes, and when you’re done, you simply fold it down to save space.

8. Add a Mirror

Kitchen with Mirror

Mirrors have the capability to visually extend and make your kitchen appear bigger than it really is. By reflecting light, they open up more space in your kitchen. This optical trick helps create a cozier and more comfortable ambiance..

How to Save Space in the Kitchen More Effectively?

There are numerous strategies for organizing a small kitchen, and the space-saving tips mentioned above are just the beginning. In addition to maximizing space, it's crucial to design your kitchen according to your lifestyle and personality. This ensures that regardless of size, your kitchen becomes a space you truly enjoy living in.

If you want to spruce up your kitchen, you'll need the right furniture pieces. Qoncept offers a diverse range of furniture to suit any lifestyle and budget. From flexible storage solutions to stylish accessories, you can find everything you need in our product catalog. Visit our official stores on Lazada and Shopee to get more discounted items.

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