Why Do You Need Indoor Plants for Your Home and Office?

by Khent Barangas on May 21, 2024

Why Do You Need Indoor Plants for Your Home and Office?

If you’re still working from home right now, you are probably on the constant lookout for work-from-home essentials that would improve and elevate your workspace. Right now, you might be thinking of an ergonomic chair, a pegboard, a lamp, or probably a self-elevating desk. 

That's good too. But what if we told you that the secret to improving your work experience at home or the office may just lie in the lush foliage of houseplants?

That’s right. Those colorful plants can break monotonous colors. But it's not only about aesthetics. Different studies have found that adding greenery to your home office offers a considerable number of benefits.

Continue reading to find out more benefits of home office plants that are backed by science.

5 Benefits of Indoor Plants to Your Workstation at Home and Office

You can elevate your workplace with a few additions of plants in greeneries. Here are the top reasons why you need plants for your home and office.

1. Interior Plants Boost Productivity and Creativity

Interior Plants Boost Productivity and Creativity

One of the biggest challenges when working from home is being productive. Unless you're living alone, our home can house a jungle of distractions. From the siren call of the fridge to the comfy allure of the couch, staying productive at home can sometimes be hard to do.

Good thing plants are there to help us fight these distractions and become productive. It turns out, that plants are effective productivity and this is supported by several studies in the past

Take for instance the study of Dr. Knight and other psychologists at Exeter University. Their decade-long study revealed that offices with indoor plants saw a 15% uptick in productivity. That's right, just by adding a little greenery, employees were more engaged and focused.

Another study conducted at Washington State University also came up with the same findings. The study revealed that the presence of plants in an office environment reduced workers' blood pressure and boosted task completion speeds by 12%. Employees even reported feeling more attentive when plants were around.

But it's not just about speed and efficiency. Creativity blooms in the presence of plants, too. A 2014 study put people's word association skills to the test, and guess what? The ladies in the room with a view of a plant outperformed those staring at a magazine rack.

To complement this productivity-enhancing environment, consider adding the Logan metal shelf to your workstation. This versatile shelf provides the perfect platform for displaying plants. With ample storage space, this can also help you maintain a clutter-free workspace while enjoying the benefits of nature indoors.

2. Living Plants Sharpen Focus

Living Plants Sharpen Focus

According to a study, it's time to ditch the plastic ferns and embrace real-life plants. Of course, only if you want to sharpen your focus.

In a fascinating experiment that might make you reconsider your decorative choices. Researchers gathered 23 students to study in a room where the only thing standing between them and academic oblivion was a plant. The options were real plants and artificial plants.

The results were as clear as day: students who are surrounded by real plants are more attentive and focused compared to students in the other groups.

The study concluded that real foliage plants may improve attention and prompt psychological relaxation in students.

3. Plants Improve Air Quality

Plants Improve Air Quality

Did you know that a foreign study found that indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air? Yikes!

External factors such as the air exchange rate, outdoor climate, weather conditions, and occupant behavior played a role in this.

But here’s the cool part: plants are effective natural air purifiers and can minimize indoor pollutants. A well-known NASA Clean Air study in the 1980s found that plants are capable of capturing indoor pollutants and releasing naturally filtered air as a byproduct.

That sounds great, right? Unfortunately, these findings may not be that impressive when compared to modern technology today. A more recent study found that you need a larger number of plants just to match the capabilities of modern biofilters and other air-purifying technologies we have today.

But that doesn’t mean that plants aren’t a good addition to your workspace. Combining plants with air purifiers can create a powerful one-two punch against indoor pollutants. And who doesn’t like that?

4. Plants and Gardening Reduce Stress Level

Plants and Gardening Reduce Stress Level

Feeling Stressed at Work? Don’t send that resignation letter just yet. Not until you read this.

A 2010 study by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) found that simply adding plants to workplaces can lead to impressive improvements in employee well-being. Plants can slash anxiety by 37%, office hostility by 44%, fatigue by 40%, and even depression by 58%.

Mind-blowing data, right? But that’s not all. A separate study found that people who repotted houseplants experienced lower stress levels compared to those doing computer tasks. Researchers measured heart rate and blood pressure, which rose during computer work but remained calm when interacting with plants. This suggests that plants can reduce both physical and mental stress.

Are plants your natural stress reliever too? Don’t let them out of your sight. Let the Qoncept Cre8tivity pegboard provide the perfect stage for your stress-relieving companion. This pegboard has a stylish charm that can enhance the tranquility and charm of your workspace.

5. Plants Can Improve Job Satisfaction (Really?!)

Plants can improve job satisfaction

Shhh… Don’t let your boss see this. Interesting research revealed that plants can improve outlook at work.

Researchers surveyed over 440 Amazon employees and discovered a surprising perk of bringing nature indoors. Employees surrounded by plants reported higher job satisfaction and a stronger commitment to the company.

Nature vibes are great, but hey, a raise is pretty motivating too. Who’s with us? 

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By now, we can all agree plants in your home or office can offer so many benefits. But for a truly thriving workspace, you need to explore more!

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