Wood Furniture Maintenance: 6 Ways to Protect Your Wooden Furniture

by Khent Gerald Barangas on Mar 17, 2023

Wood Furniture Maintenance: 6 Ways to Protect Your Wooden Furniture

They say real wood furniture can last a lifetime. Its warmth and elegance won’t fade even after a decade. However, this is only true after following the wood furniture maintenance. Whether you receive a family heirloom or just recently bought a modern piece, taking proper care of your wooden furniture is important to preserve its beauty and functionality.

But, let’s face it, preserving wooden furniture can be a tricky task, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. Depending on the type of wood and how you use it, some wooden furniture pieces can get easily scratched and damaged. But don’t fret. We created a guide to help you protect your wooden furniture effectively.

On this page, we listed 6 ways you can maintain your wood furniture. We’ll cover everything to make sure it can last for years to come until you pass it down to future generations.

1. Don’t Abuse Your Wooden Furniture

We know this is a pretty obvious tip, but we want you to never forget to handle your furniture with care. So, we make this the first on our list.

There are several ways to do this. For instance, when moving your furniture, don’t drag it across the floor or bump it into other objects. Use pads to protect the legs of your furniture. When placing beverages on your wooden table, use a coaster and don’t place it directly on the surface. You can also use tablecloths and placemats to prevent stains.

2. Do a Regular Cleaning

Cleaning a wooden furniture

Keeping your furniture clean is important for you to maintain its best look for a longer time. This maintenance procedure applies not only to your wooden furniture but also to all other furniture. Believe it or not, dust can scratch and damage the surface of the wood over time.

When cleaning your wooden furniture, use only a soft cloth or feather duster in to remove dirt on the surface. You can also use a damp cloth if deeper cleaning is required. Avoid using wax-based products or polishes that contain silicon, as they can contaminate your finish and detract from the overall look of your furniture.

3. Avoid the Sun and Other Heat Sources

Wood Furniture Under Sunlight

Don’t place your furniture under the sun or any other heat sources. Direct sunlight on wooden furniture can cause fading and discoloration. Exposure to UV rays for a long time can also dry and shrink the wood that causes crack on it.

The rule of thumb is to avoid placing your furniture near any uncovered windows. However, if you have no other ways to avoid this, you can use blinds or curtains to block the sun's rays.

4. Keep the Bugs Away

Ant figurine on wood

Wooden furniture is vulnerable to insect infestation. If you are in the province, you should consider this fact before you decide to buy solid wooden furniture. Insects, particularly termites can cause irreversible damage to your furniture pieces as they literally eat the wood. But regular disinfection and keeping your place clean can protect your wooden furniture.

5. Use Protective Coating

Applying protective coating on wooden furniture

Don’t skip protective coating to maintain your wooden furniture. It can give your furniture a level of protection against scratches, stains, and other damages. By applying a protective coating, you are creating a barrier between your wood furniture and the outside contaminants.

To apply a protective coating, you need to ensure that the surface of the furniture is clean and dry. You also need to use a soft cloth to apply the coating evenly on the surface. You may also apply a second coating if needed, but be sure that the first coating is completely dry.  

6 Ask a Professional Help

Expert sanding a wooden furniture

Do you know that you can refinish and restore a piece of wooden furniture? You read that right, with a proper procedure you can actually extend the life expectancy of your wood furniture pieces. This can be a lot of work, so we recommend asking for professional help.

You may find that your piece is already in good condition and just needs proper cleaning. In this case, you can DIY by following the other wood maintenance tips we mentioned above.

However, if your piece requires more extensive restoration work, it's best to leave it to a professional. Attempting to do it yourself could potentially cause more harm than good.

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