2024 Furniture Trends: Styles and Design to Watch Out For

2024 Furniture Trends: Styles and Design to Watch Out For

And just like that, 2023 is almost over. It has been another remarkable year for the world of furniture and interior design. While the year is hurtling toward the end, innovations and styles in furniture pieces continue to come and go. This only leads to one question, “What is the next furniture trend in 2024?”.

Much like you, we were curious about the furniture trends for 2024. Therefore, we conducted comprehensive research, leaving no stone unturned to unveil the answer. Additionally, we sought professional insights and predictions to bring this article to fruition.

Here are the 2024 furniture trends you should watch out for.

The New Tones

mixing color tones in room

In 2023, minimalism has been very popular in interior design and furniture. Single-hue theme rooms have taken center stage. However, in 2024 we might see a shift away from this trend as the mix-and-match color scheme is taking the spotlight.

In an article from Vogue, Australian interior designer Simone Haag predicts color combination will be the next trend in 2024. Haag quoted: “I am seeing more purposeful color combinations. For example, the room isn’t neutral, nor is it just in one color—it is a considered choice of two tones.

Sarah Stacey, another interior designer, also noticed the same shift. She noted: "In 2024 I think we will see a mixing of warm color palettes that have accents of cooler tones. No longer will we just stick with warm or cool tones for a space, but now we are figuring out how we can dynamically mix them."

Maximalism Returns

maximalism design in modern home

Maximalism will be a new trend in furniture and interior design in 2024. Bold and vibrant furniture pieces will be taking the spotlight, as people want to live in comfortable and cozy rooms.

However, experts noted that neutral colors will not be totally wiped out next year. In a living room trend prediction from The Spruce, interior designer Alice Leigh said that neutral elements can be used with bright ones to create a balance. She said: “That’s not to say that we can’t incorporate neutral elements into a room—but it's about balance, warmth, and offsetting bold colors with gentle ones.”

All-over Wallpapers Will Rise

room with all-over wallpaper

It seems that wallpapers will be in the limelight next year. One of the reasons is that it’s one of the simplest ways to express ourselves in design. Moreover, it is easier to acquire wallpaper today more than ever. People just need to browse online and make an order.

Don’t underestimate this interior design trend as it will not be “fast fashion” according to Ross Taylor, co-founder of The Curious Department.

“This isn’t fast fashion; here today, gone tomorrow. This is mainly because of the commitment it takes to cover your walls in a print designed to last for years,” Taylor explained in an article from livingetc.com.

Curves Will Stay Trendy

furniture with curves

Gentle curves were one of the biggest 2023 furniture trends, and there is no sign that it will go away in 2024. Sharp furniture lines will remain out of style next year. This is driven by people's preference for a more organic and fluid style.

“Straight lines aren't really inherently organic, whereas a curved line is more what you would see in nature,” Caitie Smithe, designer and stylist at Walter E. Smithe Furniture and Design said in the Article from the Spruce.

Another article from Realsimple.com came up with the same furniture prediction. They interviewed Bryan Johnson, CEO of Shades of Light, who said “Softer silhouettes will be everywhere in the furniture industry come 2024, offering homeowners the opportunity to add a sophisticated (and slightly glamorous) appeal to any room. “We are still seeing a lot of big, bold curves in larger furniture pieces.”

Classy Classics

classic style room

Vintage pieces will continue to find their way in 2024. These furniture add a touch of sophistication and nostalgia even to modern interiors.

Brad Ramsey, designer, and founder of Brad Ramsey Interiors relates it to people’s perception of furniture as a long-term investment. For Ramsey, furniture is not something that people buy impulsively.

In an interview from Southern Living, Ramsey said “Too many impulse purchases mean lots of cheap furniture being tossed and wasted because it doesn't retain its value. Investing in quality custom furniture and vintage pieces over trendy furniture store-stocked pieces [is in for 2024].”

The habit of shopping for vintage and antique furniture is here to stay. However, if you’re planning to buy second-hand furniture, it’s important that you know what to look for.

Smart Homes Will Be Popular

smart home

Technological advancement is not slowing down. It has transformed the way we live and its effects can be easily found in interior design trends.

In 2024, we will be seeing more smart homes. People will integrate technology into home decor. Features such as voice-controlled lighting and automated window treatments are just a standard next year. Furthermore, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will only accelerate this trend.

Embracing Sustainability

sustainable furniture design

More people are embracing sustainable living, including Filipinos. A study from Alibaba revealed that 89% of consumers in the Philippines desire a sustainable lifestyle. Beyond that, the study also found that 76% of consumers would like to learn more about how to live in a more eco-friendly way. Guess what, the Philippines is the country with the highest demand for such information.

Sustainability will become a huge factor in buying furniture in 2024. Homeowners will be increasingly concerned about where the furniture came from including its environmental impact. They also care about the ethical and social aspects of the furniture production process.

This consumer behavior will give rise to furniture made from recycled materials and sustainably sourced wood.

Personal Touches

personalized interior design

Designers predict that 2024 will be about personality. 2024 furniture purchase will reflect people’s individuality and personality. In fact, people are willing to break boundaries and adapt to multiple styles.

“Almost anything goes, and we will continue to see more mixed styles,” says Designer and Founder of Triple Heart Design in Texas Shelagh Conway. “The range will be from soft neutrals to bold colors and we will begin to see squares mixed with round.”

“People respond positively when there is a story behind how materials are sourced, where they came from, and the history leading up to their reinvention,” CCY Architects Interiors Studio Director Melanie Grant said in an interview from Realsimple.com

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It’s tempting to follow the most popular style when decorating our homes. However, before designing or purchasing anything, consider how it will suit your personal style and personality.

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