Family Safe Space: A Guide to Choosing Child-friendly Furniture

Family Safe Space: A Guide to  Choosing Child-friendly Furniture

Everyone knows how stressful redecorating our home can be. Imagine needing to move your sofa and other huge furniture to follow the design you want. The thoughts of it can be very tiring, right? But turning your place into a child-friendly home can be even more challenging. Here, you should not only find delicate furniture for kids, but you should also make sure that every piece in your home is sturdy enough to withstand children’s playful nature.

When the kids are around, things can be wild. There is slamming, sliding, and jumping everywhere. Not to mention the doodling of crayons and stains of foods may be inevitable.

But here’s the good news, you can still create a family-friendly home that is both stylish and secure for your little ones. In this guide, we’ll tackle everything you need to know to achieve a space that is beautiful and safe for everyone.

What makes furniture a child-friendly?

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Child-friendly furniture, as the name suggests, is furniture that is designed to be safe for children. It should not have sharp corners or harmful substances and chemicals that could hurt your kids.

Of course, these pieces are also made of durable material and can withstand everyday use. This type of furniture is also easy to clean, as children tend to make messes every day.

But child-friendly furniture is beyond being a safe and practical piece. It should also be fun. It encourages kids to use their imagination, be creative, and learn while enjoying themselves.

6 Tips For Choosing Kid-friendly Furniture

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We get it, finding kid-friendly furniture that your kids will love and use can be such a challenge. But don’t worry, the following furniture tips below can help you find the perfect pieces for your little ones.

1. Choose Round Furniture

Avoid furniture that contains sharp edges. Instead, choose the ones with soft and rounded edges. Keep in mind that pointed handles of furniture and accessories are no exemption. If you can remove this handle, then do so to minimize accidents involving sharp edges. If applicable, you can also use edge protectors.

2. Choose Softer Furniture

If you are choosing between hard and soft furniture, we recommend choosing the latter. The reason for this is similar to tip#1—to minimize incidents. Soft furniture can cushion the impact of falls and bumps. Soft furniture also promotes a cozy and inviting atmosphere allowing your kids to move more comfortably in your room.

3. Opt for Darker Colors

Choosing darker colors is a practical choice when buying furniture for children. As mentioned above, kids tend to be uncontrollable sometimes. Messes and stains may not be avoidable. But if your furniture is dark, it may cover markings. This also applies to curtains and sofa covers.

4. Invest in Quality Storage  

Having storage plays a crucial role in making an organized and clutter-free home. Your storage can also help you keep toys hidden when you have to. The best example is Qoncept Minami which can keep things secure inside. Every piece is also space-friendly. You can stack them on top of each other.

5. Be Careful in Shelving

Shelves are good storage solutions. However, if you have a child at home make sure it is stable and can stand firm in its position. In fact, we recommend securing your shelving unit to the wall with brackets or straps. Children climb everywhere. The last thing you want to do is that your shelves fall and cause a serious accident.

6. Don’t Forget to Make it Fun

Yes, you should always think about the safety of your little ones. Don’t forget to make it fun also for your kids. For instance, you can buy colorful stools and mini-tables for them. These small furniture pieces were made specifically for them. But make sure it perfectly fits right for them.

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