How to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger - 7 Clever Tricks

How to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger - 7 Clever Tricks

Our kitchen is most of the time the busiest room in our room. That’s why we want it to make our kitchen look and feel bigger. The good news is that there are ways to stretch a small kitchen without the need to make a major renovation.

Do you feel cramped in your kitchen? You’ve come to the right place. In this kitchen guide, we will share some simple yet effective tips to make your kitchen appear larger.

7 Tips to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Your small space should not stop you from creating your dream kitchen. With some clever tricks, you can still create a beautiful and functional kitchen you’ll love. Here are simple small kitchens that will make your small kitchen look bigger and brighter.

1. Eliminate the Clutter

cluttered kitchen

 This small kitchen idea is probably the simplest on this list, yet it is one of the best ways to make a bigger and more comfortable space. Eliminate the clutter to save more space. This is particularly effective in the kitchen, as clutter can make cooking more difficult. 

Check out the expiration date of your items and throw away those that go beyond their prime. Keep only the things that you need. To further maximize your kitchen space, we suggest storing those things that you don’t use every day together in a closed cabinet. Doing this will get rid of the visual clutter in your room.

2. Let the Natural Light In

natural light in the kitchen

Natural Light offers several advantages to any room. Among its remarkable benefits, is its capability to visually expand a space, making rooms appear larger and more spacious. According to an article published by Spectrum Architecture, the more natural light that flows, the more inviting the space can be.

If you have windows in your kitchen, then let the light in. Keep your window treatment to a minimum. Use blinds or translucent shades for privacy while still allowing light to enter.

3. Invest in Good Lightings

Kitchen with good lighting

Making your room bright can help create a huge space. During the day, you can take advantage of natural light. However, at night you may need to get artificial lighting. This improves the functionality and aesthetic of your kitchen.

For instance, cabinet lights are very useful when cooking. On the other hand, floor lamps such as Qoncept Elias add a sophisticated ambiance to the room.

4. Choose Light Colors

light-colored theme in kitchen

This space-saving kitchen idea is related to our previous tip. How? Light-colored kitchen furniture, especially those white pieces, reflects and amplifies natural and artificial light. They can open up the space making your small kitchen seem larger. Moreover, it lightens the mood while you are preparing your meal.

Aside from white furniture pieces, you can also choose materials that have a reflective surface such as ceramic tile, stainless steel, and marble countertops.

5. Choose Furniture With Horizontal Lines

horizontal lines in the kitchen

Like natural lights, horizontal lines can also visually widen your interior. The reason for this is because the horizontal line guides the eyes toward the far end of the line, creating more illusion of more space.

Installing a shiplap is one of the best ways to create horizontal lines in your kitchen. However, if you don’t want to make a major redesign in your space, some shelves can do the job. Our recommendation is the minimalist Qoncept Logan. Its slender body and straightforward style won’t distract the eye and emphasize lines. Also, it clean design that lets you see the floor and walls beyond, making your kitchen appear larger.

6. Use Above Cabinets

above kitchen cabinets

The above cabinets have also the ability to make your kitchen. We’re not talking about the regular cabinets. Use a taller-than-standard upper cabinet. In fact, if it's possible to extend your cabinet to the ceiling then go for it.

The reason for this is we want to draw eyes upward, creating an optical illusion that your ceiling looks higher. You can also install prefab cabinets on top of your existing cabinets. This will not only make your kitchen appear bigger, but it will also add more storage space.

7. Carve a Storage Space

recessed shelves

Did you know that you can create more storage space on your wall? You read that right. Instead of using up your floor space with bulky cabinets and shelves, you can use your wall space and install recessed shelves. Here, you can store your kitchen essentials without cluttering your space. You can also install lights on it to add a touch of elegance.

This is one of our most recommended small kitchen design ideas. However, unless you are confident with your skills, we suggest hiring experts to do this instead. Be careful in making a hole in your wall and make sure you don’t cut wires to avoid unnecessary work.

Level up Your Kitchen Space with Qoncept

It’s true. Designing a small kitchen can be such a challenge. By following the tips above, you can make your small kitchen look and feel bigger. Moreover, with the right kitchen furniture and accessories, the process can be so much easier. So, visit Qoncept Catalog to find the perfect pieces that will elevate your kitchen. Check out also our official store on Lazada and Shopee, to get the best deals available

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