Let There Be Light: The 4 Main Types of Lighting

by Khent Barangas on Oct 22, 2023

different types of lighting

We know we mentioned this several times, but we’ll say it again: Lighting plays a crucial role in our space. It can create different effects and impressions depending on how we use it. Amazingly, according to a 2014 study from the University of Toronto, the brightness of the light also affects our mood intensity.

There are four main types of lighting. In this guide, we will explore these four types of lighting to help you create a well-balanced and inviting space. We will also identify where these lightings are best used.

1. Task Lighting

task lighting

As the name suggests, task lighting is the type of light that is used to complete specific activities. It provides a focus and concentrated light in specific areas where activities like reading, cooking, or working take place. Task lights can come in a variety of forms, but the most common are desk lamps and table lamps.

Where Should You Use Task Lights?

  • Kitchen: Under-cabinet lighting and pendant lights above the kitchen island offer excellent task lighting for meal preparation.
  • Home Office: A desk lamp with adjustable intensity is perfect for reducing glare and enhancing productivity.

  • Bathroom Vanity: Wall-mounted fixtures or sconces on either side of the mirror provide even and shadow-free illumination for grooming.

2. Accent Lighting

wall lights

Like Task Lights, accent lighting is used to illuminate specific areas. However, the only difference is that accent light is used to highlight specific features and objects. Its goal is to add depth and drama to certain objects and gain attention. Accent lights are usually used to give a spotlight to architectural details, artwork, or cherished collectibles.

Where Should You Use Task Lights?

  • Dining Room: A well-placed pendant light above the dining table can create an intimate and inviting atmosphere.
  • Outdoor Landscaping: Landscape lighting can showcase your garden, pathways, and architectural elements.

3. Decorative Lighting


The name of this type of light says it all. Decorative lighting is all about style and personality. It isn’t the primary source of light in the room. The goal of this light is to add flair to the space’s interior design. Its role is to enhance the aesthetic of the room by serving as the focal point itself.

Where Should You Use Task Lights?

  • Entrance or Foyer: A grand chandelier can make a stunning first impression in your home's entryway.
  • Bedroom: Bedside table lamps or unique pendant lights can be both functional and decorative.
  • Outdoor Spaces: String lights, lanterns, and unique fixtures can create a magical ambiance in your garden or patio.

4. Ambient Lighting

ambient lighting in the living room

Ambient lighting, often referred to as general lighting, is the foundation of any well-lit room. This type of light provides overall illumination allowing you to see and move around safely. Ambient Light also sets the mood of the space. Ambient lighting can be achieved through various fixtures, including ceiling-mounted fixtures, chandeliers, and wall sconces.

Where Should You Use Ambient Lights?

  • Living Rooms: Soft and warm ambient lighting creates a cozy atmosphere for relaxation.
  • Bedrooms: Dimmable ambient lighting allows you to adjust the brightness according to your preferences.
  • Hallways: It guides the way and ensures safe navigation through your home.

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Understanding the four main types of lighting is important to create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere in your home. You can strategically combine each light to enhance the overall functionality, aesthetics, and mood of your space.

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