October Finds: 10 Newest Qoncept Products You Need to Have

by Khent Barangas on Oct 25, 2023

Qoncept new products for October

So, you want to make DIY home improvement? That’s great! You are probably one of the 73 Millennials who are DIYers. Or maybe you don’t fall in that age category. That would be fine too. Redecorating your home can improve your mood and well-being and it’s a fun experience too. However, you can only succeed if you have the right furniture pieces, and equipment. But don’t worry, Qoncept has got you covered. 

Qoncept is constantly developing new products that improve your home and lifestyle. To help you narrow down your choices, we gather here the 10 newest Qoncept products. From stylish decors to versatile pieces that can fit your needs, these products will definitely spruce up your space. 

Here are the 10 newest Qoncept products you definitely need to check out this month.

1. Qoncept Camping Chairs

Qoncept Camping Chair

Outdoor activities can sometimes be a tiring experience, especially if you’re not anymore, right? This is why you need this flexible Qoncept camping chair. Made of a steel frame and a PVC-coated 600D Oxford fabric, this is a durable chair that can support up to 200kg.

You don't need any tools or skills to set up the Qoncept camping chair. It unfolds and folds in one simple step, saving you time and hassle. Available in black and beige colors, this is a very stylish piece that even Gen-Z would love.

2. Qoncept Zen

Qoncept Zen Candle Warmer

Qoncept Zen instantly attracted so much attention after it was released. This candle warmer comes with a metal base and a frosted lampshade. Its eye-catching design brings a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere to any room. It’s incredibly useful too.  You can adjust the temperature of the light with a simple button dimmer. 

3. Qoncept Luxe

Qoncept Luxe Candle Warmer


Qoncept Luxe is also a crowd favorite. Like Zen, this is a candle warmer with an elegant design. The only difference is that it has a more minimalist structure. It has a touch-sensitive switch to control the heat. When you buy Qoncept Zen, you’ll get 2 free halogen light bulbs. 

4. Qoncept Scented Candles

Qoncept Scented Candle Warmer

Qoncep Zen and Luxe is already a beauty of its own. However, it won’t be complete without the Qoncept scented candle

Our scented candle is made from 100% pure natural soy wax, high-quality fragrance oils, and premium cotton wicks. We intentionally and carefully hand-pour every candle in a beautiful amber glass jar. This way, it would be a perfect match to our Zen and Lux candle warmer.

5. Qoncept Venus Beauty Mirror

Qoncept Venus Mirror

Qoncept Venus Mirror is the missing piece that will complete your vanity setup. It is a sleek mirror with an adjustable LED light.  Plus, it's easy to assemble and use with a simple touch switch and a USB power cord. Finally, Venus comes with a metal frame, so you know it can last you for years.

6. Qoncept Olivia Coffee Table 

Qoncept Olivia Coffee Table

Looking for a minimalist coffee table that can spruce up your living room? You might want to consider Qoncept Olivia. This coffee table has a modern and sleek design, so it can fit into any room decor.  It has also a perfect dimension (101x68x7) for a center table. Crafted from high-grade material,  Qoncept Olivia can withstand everyday use while maintaining its elegant appearance over time.

7. Qoncept Smithtown Sofa Bed

Qoncept Smithtown Sofa Bed

If you're searching for a sofa that would complete your living room, you'll love this one! Qoncept Smithtown Sofa Bed is a stylish sofa bed with polyester velvet upholstery and button-tufted details. You and your guests will love sitting on this sofa, thanks to the web suspension that provides comfort and support. Smithtown has a sturdy wood frame and slim legs for a sleek look.

8. Qoncept Yoshi Wooden Shoe Organizer

Calling all shoe lovers out there, this organizer is definitely for you! Qoncept Yoshi is a 2-layer wooden organizer that can provide easy acces to your valuable shoes. You can fit up to 9 pairs of shoes on the two spacious shelves. Furthermore, its stylish design adds beauty to your collections. 

9. Qoncept Sta. Clara Pan

Qoncept Sta. Clara Pan

Are you looking for the right utensils for your small kitchen? Consider Qoncept Sta Clara Pan. This amazing pan has a non-stick coating or marble coating that makes your food slide off easily. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy that is durable and lightweight. Its thickness (2.3mm) and circumference (3.5) are also strategically intended to ensure even heat distribution. With Sta Clara, you can now perfect your masterpiece. 

10. Qoncept Silicone Utensils 

Qoncept Silicone Utensils

If you love cooking, you'll love this set of silicone kitchen utensils from Qoncept. This set includes seven essential kitchen tools: a spatula, a spoon, a slotted spoon, a ladle, a whisk, a pasta server, and a tong. All of them are made of high-quality silicone that is heat-resistant, non-stick, easy to clean, and durable. Plus, they come in vibrant colors that will brighten up your kitchen. 

Discover More Beautiful Qoncept Items

These are just a few of the many new Qoncept products for your home. Visit our product catalog daily so you won’t be left behind in our latest products. Also, be sure to see the official store at Lazada and Shopee for our unbeatable offers.

All Qoncept Items are designed to be both stylish and functional. It's also made from high-quality materials and is built to last. When you choose Qoncept, you can be sure that you're getting a product that will look great in your home and will last for many years to come.

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