5 Best Qoncept Desks for Home Office

5 Best Qoncept Desks for Home Office

While the outside world is witnessing the return of crowded commutes, there are still many of us who are getting the luxury of working from home. If you are one of them, you should be grateful and do your best to maintain it that way. That means that you should keep your productivity at the highest level. So, it is time to commit to finding the best desk for your home office.

Using your kitchen table or your lap is definitely not the best way to elevate your work performance. It can also be bad for your health as it can ruin your posture. You need to have a dedicated home office table that can transform your space into a haven of productivity and creativity.

Good thing Qoncept offers a range of home office tables that is versatile, stylish, and can fit perfectly to your home workstation. On this page, we have curated a selection of the best home office desk from Qoncept to help you make the right decision.

1. Ascend Height Adjustable Desk

Qoncept Ascend

If you have a budget and space at home, an adjustable desk that can be like Qoncept Ascend should be the best home office desk. You can tailor this desk to match your body and office chair.

The Ascend table is designed for work-from-home environment. It may appear straightforward for its industrial style, but it is loaded with different features for versatility.

It has a remarkable self-leveling function, so it’s capable of adapting to uneven surfaces. It comes with an LED memory control panel, a controller and 4 programmable memory presets. You can easily adjust its height from 69cm to 115cm, with a single press of a button.

2. Vivienne Chic Tables With Tabletop Organizer

Qoncept Vivienne Chic Tables

Qoncept Vivienne Chic table is a practical and stylish choice for all remote workers. This home office desk offers spacious storage options for all your important documents. You can say good bye to a cluttered home office setup thanks to its two drawers, a huge cabinet, and shelving solutions.

The Scandinavian design of the table also fits perfectly with a minimalist home office design. In fact, the shelves on the desk are detachable. Vivienne table also includes a Cord Slot for a cleaner and more organized look for your accessories.

3. Wendell Table With Shelf Drawers

Qoncept Wendell

The charm of Qoncept Wendell home office table also lies in its storage space. Like Vivienne table, it also offers ample space for all your document. It features three-tier shelves two extra drawers and a bottom cabinet.

With a wide tabletop, Wendel is clearly designed with functionality in mind. You have plenty of space to work with your laptop or desktop computer. It has anti-slip leg pads to ensure stability and prevent floor scratches.

4. Grahams Office Table

Qoncept Grahams

Do you want a height-adjustable desk, but can not afford the Qoncept Ascend? The Grahams table might be the best home office desk for you.

Qoncept Grahams has a unique tabletop design as it offers the option to tilt a part of it, providing a convenient surface for various creative activities. This is perfect for artists or those people who write manually using pen and paper. Because of the tilting feature, you can manually adjust its height based on your preferred height.

5. Gabie Table

Qoncept Gabie

Qoncept Gabie might be the simplest home office table on this list. However, this office desk is perfect for those who have a small workstation at home.

Crafted from high-quality wood texture, this home office table exudes a clean and modern aesthetic. It’s also lightweight and effortless to assemble. Wherever you place Qoncept Gabie, it can surely enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space

The Gabie table has anti-slip pads to ensure that your floors remain unscathed, while the soft rubber pad provides an anti-skid and shockproof experience.

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