Top 5 Qoncept Products for Small Bathrooms

by Khent Barangas on Sep 28, 2023

Top Qoncept Products for small bathroom

A bathroom, sometimes referred to as a comfort room in the Philippines, is a place for, well, comfort. That is the reason why decorating this room can be very tricky, especially if you have a tiny space that barely fits all your essentials. However, with the Qoncept bathroom products, you can create a space that you will genuinely love.

Qoncept is known for its quality household items that are both stylish and functional. Here on this page, we'll take a look at some of the top Qoncept products for small bathrooms. From space-saving storages to unique accessories, here are the best Qoncept items that you should check out:

1. Felicity Organizer 

Qoncept Felicity

Your bathroom should be able to store a lot of stuff from bath essentials to hairbrushes and everything in between. This is why you need a Qoncept Felicity in your bathroom. This chic organizer comes with two shelves for all your toiletries and accessories. You don't have to worry about water damage or mold because the Qoncept Felicity is made of durable and waterproof material. It's the perfect solution for busy bathrooms that need some extra space and flair.

2. Odessa Trolley Organizer 

Qoncept Odessa Bathroom Trolley

Qoncept Odessa is a flexible trolley organizer designed for a small bathroom. It is a space-friendly cart with ample space for all your bathroom essentials. This trolley organizer is not only spacious but also easy to move around. It has smooth-rolling wheels that let you slide it effortlessly and tuck it away in any corner of your bathroom.

3. Tifanny Basket

Qoncept Tiffany Bathroom Basket

Every small bathroom needs a basket for storing shower essentials, toiletries, and more. If you’re looking for a stylish piece that can handle moisture and water, then the Qoncept Tifanny is for you. This product is made of high-quality PP materials that are safe and odorless. Its rectangular shape allows you to stack a lot of items inside. It also comes with built-in handles that make it easy to carry from one place to another.

4. Cre8tivity Pegboard 

Qoncept Cre8tivity Pegboard

A pegboard in a bathroom? Why not? It’s a versatile storage solution perfect for small bathrooms. And if you use pegboard as chic as Qoncept Cre8tivity, you can turn your bathroom into a tidy and stylish space. 

Cre8tivity pegboard gives you a lot of freedom to customize your storage solution. You may choose the accessories that suit your needs and create a personal storage combination. It also keeps your items within reach. You simply need to attach the shelves, and then hook them onto the pegboard. 

5. Logan Metal Shelf

Qoncept Logan Metal Shelf

This Qoncept product is definitely among the most versatile pieces in our catalog. This is because the Logan metal shelf suits perfectly in a home office, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. It’s sturdy, chic, and definitely timeless.

Logan metal shelves offer clear and easy access to all your everyday essentials. No more digging through piles of stuff or wasting time looking for what you need. You can keep your small bathroom more organized by adding baskets and bins to its shelves.

More Quality Bathroom Accessories Ahead 

We all know the struggle of having a small bathroom. Organizing this room requires real patience, creativity, and organizational skills. With Qoncept products at your back, things can be a lot easier.

Qoncept offers a variety of products that can help you maximize your space. Each of our products can withstand frequent use and last for years. Check out our product catalog to find the right items and visit our official store on Lazada and Shopee to get the best deals available.

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