Why Choose a Minimalist Computer Table for Your Home Office?

by Khent Gerald Barangas on Feb 20, 2023

Increase productivity with minimalist office table

Whether you are building a home office or just upgrading the look of your workstation, the minimalist computer table can make a total difference. Believe it or not, getting a minimalist desk is more than just a piece of furniture. It’s a lifestyle choice. Choosing a minimalist worktable is a way to declutter not only your workspace but also your mind.

Imagine walking into your home office in the morning. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the piles of papers, rubbish, and endless cords, you are welcomed with a clean table. It’s an instant sense of peace and calmness. A minimalist computer table can provide just that.

The simplicity and clean design of a computer table can force you to be more mindful of what you keep on your desk. To maintain its peaceful state, you would only want to keep those that you truly need, and nothing more. This can lead to a sense of control and organization in your workspace.

But the benefits of a minimalist desk go beyond just organization. Continue reading to find out more benefits of a minimalist workstation.

6 benefits of a minimalist computer table for your workspace

Minimalist home office setup

A minimalist computer table can provide a number of benefits for both your physical and mental well-being. Here are a few reasons why you need to consider a minimalist desk for your workplace.  

1. It Helps You Be More Focused and Productive

The workplace has a big impact on how we work. A cluttered environment can lower our productivity. Imagine the time you could lose looking for an important document on a cluttered desk with a pile of paper everywhere.

Clutter in workspaces can also affect us in more indirect ways.This is backed by several studies in the past.

For instance, Scientists at Princeton University Neuroscience Institute concluded that our brain likes order and constant visual reminders of disorganization drain our cognitive resources and reduce our ability to focus. They also found that when participants cleared the clutter, they were better able to focus and process information. Another study found that clutter can lead to behavioral procrastination.

A minimalist table can give a sense of tranquility and clarity. With less clutter, you can fully immerse yourself in your task easily.

2. Relieve Extra Stress

Cluttered spaces can have negative effects on our stress and anxiety levels. A US study in 2009 found that the cortisol levels were higher in mothers whose home was cluttered. Cortisol is a stress hormone in our body. A rise of cortisol over time can lead to anxiety and even depression.

Let’s go back to the missing document metaphor. Just think about the mental exhaustion you will experience when that document on your desk is urgently needed. With a cluttered work environment, even the simplest activity can become a daunting task to anyone.

Minimalist Victoria Desk from Qoncept Furniture


Now imagine if that piece of document is kept in a secured cabinet that you can access every time you need. Sounds so relieving, right? So, consider those computer tables that have cabinets like the Victoria table from Qoncept Living. It has two spacious cabinets under you.

3. It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

Minimalism is taking the design scene by storm and it is not hard to understand why. Minimalist furniture tends to be simple and sleek, which can make your room feel more modern and sophisticated.

Getting a minimalist desk can give your home office or workplace a touch of elegance. It is also versatile and can blend with any style and color scheme. With this, you can give your workstation a personal touch. Furthermore, the simple and sleek design of the minimalist desk is timeless. You will never go out of style.

4. A More Spacious Workstation

One of the biggest benefits of a minimalist workstation is that it makes your space feel bigger regardless of its actual dimension. It doesn’t require more furniture. In fact, you need fewer things in your workplace to achieve a minimalist design. This then leaves more room for you to move around.

You would definitely need a spacious workplace if you’re leasing an office or planning to expand your team. By utilizing a minimalist setup, you are more likely to fit more people in your room. 

5. It Promotes Good Posture

Quality minimalist tables can also help to improve posture and reduce strain on the body. The simple design of the minimalist table encourages ergonomic position. With cleared space on your table, you can place your keyboard and mouse within easy reach. Pair it with a good office chair, you can easily keep your computer screen at eye level.

Ascend Adjustable Desk from Qoncept Furniture

There is also a minimalist work table that offers optimum flexibility. Take the Ascend adjustable desk from Qoncept Living. This premium desk can literally elevate your productivity with its single motor wide range of height options. It has all the features you need for a sit-and-stand work routine.

6. It Saves More Money

Minimalist designed workstation looks sleek and elegant. But do you know that you can actually save money if you go for this setup?

As mentioned, you need fewer things in the room if you want to achieve minimalism. It focuses on style and functionality. It also means that you only need to buy the stuff you really need. With this in mind, you can focus on quality equipment and invest in things that truly matter.

Find the Right Computer Table for Your Home Office

While there are a lot of benefits you can get from minimalist-designed workspaces, it is important to note that this setup is not for everyone. It’s not necessary to have a completely empty table to have a functional workspace.

Go for the computer table that will serve its purpose. Besides, you can still achieve minimalism in your workstation in other ways. You just need to keep what you need and get rid of what you don't. The key is to declutter and simplify as much as possible. In this way, you can minimize distraction and focus on the task at hand without feeling overwhelmed.

Where to find a quality minimalist table in the Philippines?

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by clutter in your home office? Or maybe you just want to level up your productivity? Going for minimalist furniture might be your needed answer. Good thing, you can easily find and buy those simple and sleek pieces of furniture from Qoncept Living online store.

Qoncept Living has a great selection of quality and affordable office furniture that is just waiting to be bought. The store specializes in minimalist-designed furniture that is not only stylish but also functional. All of the products are also made from quality materials. You can assure that it can withstand the test of time.
The store also offers a good range of home furniture and accessories. 

Are you ready to simplify your space and create a serene and tranquil environment? Visit Qoncept Living official pages to see all your options. Aside from our official store, you can find our products at Lazada and Shopee

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