These 7 Habits Make Your Home More Cluttered and Messier

by Khent Barangas on Oct 31, 2023

bad habits that make home messier

Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed by the mess in your home? Does the question "Why is my house so cluttered?" frequently cross your mind? If so, you're not alone. It turns out your bad habits are the reasons why your space becomes messier.

In our previous blog, we revealed some habits that help maintain a clutter-free home. This time, will cross the other side to delve into the ten common habits that make your home more cluttered and messier each day.  After reading this article, you'll know which habits to avoid to create an organized home you’ll love. 

1. Buying too Much Stuff

buying many items

One of the primary reasons why your home may be cluttered is the habit of constantly buying unnecessary items. Impulse purchases and unchecked shopping sprees can quickly lead to a crowded and disorganized living space.

To avoid this bad habit, start by making a shopping list before leaving your house. Of course, you also need to stick to this shopping list and only buy items that you genuinely need.

For instance, if you only intend to buy a new rice cooker, resist the urge to purchase unnecessary items like a new set of kitchen knives. Once you're back home, you may find that you already have plenty of unused knives cluttering up your drawers.

2. Not Putting Things Away After Use

Lazy Man Not Putting His Things Away After Use

Leaving items lying around after using them is a recipe for clutter. Shoes, clothes, and other belongings can accumulate and create chaos in your home. Make it a habit to return items to their designated places after use to maintain order.

3. Eating Meals Outside of Designated Areas

crumbs on sofa

Are you eating your meals outside your dining area? It’s one of the reasons why your home is cluttered right now. Yes, it's convenient; however, it contributes to a cluttered home especially when it's pizza and crackers. Imagine the crumbs that fall on your sofa. 

4. Holding on to Sentimental Items That You no Longer Use or Need

keeping all items for moving

Sentimental attachments can make it challenging to let go of items you no longer use or need. While it's okay to keep some sentimental belongings, excessive emotional attachment can lead to a cluttered home. Yup, even an old love letter from your ex can take up so much space.

Consider decluttering that no longer serves a purpose in your life. You can also sell or donate those items that you think can be valuable to others.

5. Not Having a System for Organizing Your Belongings

unorganized workstation

A lack of organization can quickly lead to clutter. Without a proper system in place, you may never resolve your problem with clutter.

Invest in good storage solutions to organize your belongings. Keep similar things together and add labels. This way, you can easily find the items you are looking for when you need them.

6. Not Doing Research Before Buying Furniture

reading furniture manual

When you buy furniture without proper preparation and research, you may end up getting too big or too small furniture. No matter how you try to organize your belongings, if your furniture doesn’t fit your room's dimensions, it will only kill the vibe of your space. This is bad news as it will make your space messier than it really is.

So before you buy furniture, do your research and plan ahead. Ensure that the furniture you want to buy matches your space, needs, and style.

7. Not Making Your Bed in the Morning 

undone bed in the morning

If you leave your bed unmade every day, it’s probably the reason why you are feeling overwhelmed by the mess in your home in the morning.

A simple habit like making your bed can set the tone for an organized day. It instantly makes your bedroom look neater and can inspire you to maintain tidiness throughout your home.

8. Attaching Messages on Your Fridge

too many notes on fridge door

If you own a refrigerator magnet, it's tempting to attach notes and reminders to your fridge. However, resist this urge! This habit can contribute to clutter in your home. Over time, excessive paper and magnets can make your kitchen look messy. Consider alternative ways to display important details to keep your space tidy.

9. No Cord Management

messy cable

Yes, cord management is a skill that can make you a clutter-free, modern minimalist home office. It takes time to perfect it. But don’t procrastinate and start trying to manage your cords today.  

Messy cords can create visual clutter even in the cleanest space, and they can also be dangerous for you and your equipment. Invest in cord organizers to keep your electronics tidy and safe.

10. You're Letting Dishes Pile Up in the Sink

Pile of dishes in sink

This is one of our biggest pet peeves. Forget this habit right now. Leaving dishes in the sink not only clutters your kitchen but also attracts pests. Develop a routine of washing dishes immediately after use to maintain a clean and clutter-free kitchen.

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Understanding the habits that contribute to a cluttered and messy home is the first step in creating an organized one. By acknowledging these habits, you can be more mindful of your actions.

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